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20, Mai 2018

Birth Without Fear

Vernix Caseosa. Did you know that this incredible substance serves so many purposes?! 💕 It is a white, creamy biofilm that appears in the last trimester produced in part by fetal sebaceous glands. It is unique to humans! 💕 It acts as protection for the baby’s skin. It’s akin to Shea butter in texture. (Could you imagine soaking in water for 9 months? This stuff creates a barrier between the water and the skin. Genius!) 💕 It acts as an insulator, keeping in warmth. 💕 When left on the skin to be absorbed, helps the skin transition to a land environment by providing moisture and reducing the rate of skin dehydration. 💕Often seen in babies born before 40 weeks but that is just the average, some babies have little to none before 40 weeks and some babies are frosted at 42 weeks. 💕 It has its own microbiome! It contains oils and antibiotic peptides. An anti-microbial barrier of sorts! Plus, it is seeded by beneficial bacteria from the birth canal. 💕 The vernix within amniotic fluid when swallowed by the fetus has potential effects on the developing gut!

I’m not even kidding. I had to stop adding brilliant facts about vernix because Instagram said no more room. There are loads more magical facts all about vernix! I’ll add the link to an amazing NCBI article that surmises them all in the link in my profile! Happy reading!

📸: this image stopped me in my tracks! That little face, vernix covered, hugging mama!! Incredible capture by H20 Photography (h2o_sonya)!

👉🏽Post words by Erica Andrews (laughing.moon).✨ #birthwithoutfear #optionssupportrespect

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