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12, Jun 2018

Home Sweet Homebirth

Hello sweet sacred baby! This is what delayed cord clamping looks like. "The baby and placenta stay attached until the parents are ready to separate them (unless medically indicated otherwise)," wrote @birthblessingsphotodoula Birth Blessings Photography & Childbirth Services who took such a stunning capture. During birth, 1/3 of the baby's blood supply backs up into the placenta and needs to return to the baby after birth to transition to life outside the womb. Cutting the cord immediately deprives the baby of this large amount of blood, equivalent to a hemorrhage that no one sees, creating the need to resuscitate more babies, and a whole variety of other health problems. Immediate cord clamping is a dangerous routine intervention. Keeping the cord intact at least until it stops pulsing should be the norm and can easily be part of your birth preferences in any setting. Thank you @rawfullywholesome for sharing this majestic picture.

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