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22, Set 2018

Janet Balaskas - Parto Ativo

Profissionais de saúde: como trazer o Parto Ativo dentro do hospital. É simples! Um pouco de espaço, alguns equipamentos básicos, compreensão da fisiologia e da biomecânica e uma boa pitada de boa vontade, e pronto!
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YES TO THAT CLEMMIE! ❤️As co director at the Active Birth Centre London I have been teaching Active Birth & Yoga for the past 20 years alongside our founder Janet Balaskas who wrote the groundbreaking book Active Birth. Next AB training November 2019
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ACTIVE BIRTH - Get off the bed

I was teaching my midwifery student today about looking at the delivery room and how as midwives we can utilise the space and make it feel less clinical. With the majority of births taking place in hospital on an obstetric unit, the biggest feature as you walk into any room is the bed. But it doesn’t have to be set up like that. Women will automatically sit or lie on the bed and once that mentality of being the ‘patient’ in hospital sets in, it’s hard to try and change that behaviour. But as midwives we can make small changes to create a birth environment that encourages women to move, squat, stand, rock, sway and kneel. And birth partners, doulas and student midwives, move the bed, ask for a mat, a birthing ball, a chair, dim the lights, move unnecessary equipment, put some music on. These small changes can make huge differences. UFO - upright, forward and open #activebirth #getoffthebed #laboureard #midwives #studentmidwives #partoativo #partoactivo #partocomrespecto #humanizept #janetbalaskas #janetbalaskasportugal #porumpartoativo #partohospitalarhumanizado

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